Why 18 to 29?

We know that people are at their most imaginative at this age and the work they do with that side of their brain will probably be the best that they ever do. Our suggestion to you all is


Every chord sequence , every half sentence of prose, every bass line and every melody, no matter how incomplete.

We want to hear what is going on in the mind of a young, emotionally intellectual man or woman!

We at LoCo are keen to provide not only the opportunity to showcase young people but we have area A&R people who can liaise with the artists and work with them.

Our offices in Thorpe Surrey (Yes That Thorpe with the Park and Detonator) are open 5 days a week and are always manned.

Our events are planned for once a week and our future stars would probably be asked to perform once every 6 weeks , so if you're at Uni or college or at work, we will not intrude too much on your schedules.

Tell Mum and Dad we are thinking of them too.

You hope to be a musician, but plan and work hard to get a great job, just in case.

Anyone who’s reading this still would probably need to spend less time reading and get some material through to us and let us help you achieve your dream.