Why Loco Music?

Loco Music is certainly not USA Country Music and not what we in Britain call Folk music seen at the Cambridge folk festival.

If a voice has that American country twang then it’s probably not for us and likewise with the ‘Hey nony nony’ of British folk music.

Not being disrespectful to either of the genre but it’s not what we are looking for.

The USA Country music scene is worth billions of dollars a year, but not in the U.K. British folk music and British country music are not very widely supported across the U.K. and are not seen as valuable at all financially.

LoCo music will transcend these two types of music and create its own positioning in the UK’s (And hopefully the World’s) music industry.

We could call it Indie Acoustic / indie unplugged etc.

If it’s Reggae from the West Indies influenced parts of the UK or Asian influenced we are keen to showcase these styles, if it’s from African roots or closer to home European sounds we want to hear it and we want to showcase it. But we really want to showcase styles of music that represent the area we are playing the Showcase events in.

Watch this clip to see why we are keen to pursue this genre

Some of the greatest acoustic songs ever recorded are stuck in a category of Rock or folk or pop. It’s impossible to put Angie by the Rolling Stones into the Rock category, Queen Bitch by David Bowie could just scrape into pop / rock and Lucky Man by Verve, I just wouldn’t know, but it doesn’t fit anywhere else.

LoCo Music is about creating a home for young artists to come to us and showcase their songs and talents, both on our website and live shows across the country.

LoCo Music is the catalyst for bedroom guitarists / bands / song writers, to go out to the market place. University based bands and musicians, and the early risers out there already playing gigs and airing their material.

With the reduction of pubs, and independent venues under more financial pressure than ever. there are fewer and fewer places to play and ‘tread the boards’.

LoCo will help artists get on that stage and play their own songs to an audience that has come to see young people play new original material.

We are not a label and we are not a record company.

We are the home of Showcase events and young musicians playing original material with an acoustic based slant.

Our dream is to have over 30 locations in the UK with thousands of people every week going to see young musicians at local venues playing original material.

Anyone who’s reading this still would probably need to spend less time reading and get some material through to us and let us help you achieve your dream.