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We are a new company in the Music industry looking to showcase new young musicians and new young music, playing original material in their local area. We are kicking off in the SW London area and expanding out to the whole of London and then spreading across the country. Simon, the owner of the business, was frustrated with going out looking for live music and finding a lot of very experienced musicians playing songs from their era, 30 years ago or more in some cases, and not any modern music from modern bands, or original material. We all love Alright now by free as much as the next person, but where is the next Alright now going to come from? What was surprising was that the venues were full of young people and the bands were playing older style ‘Pub Rock’ covers. Also the venues in most towns that play live music would rather book a band they know of 50 year olds, playing covers, rather than experiment with younger musicians, and original material.

Simon felt that the audiences were listening to traditional pub rock bands and that wasn’t a style of music they would listen to at any other time.

So after trips to Nashville Tennessee, New Orleans and Dublin Ireland, Simon saw lots of local bands playing a variety of music and many young musicians were playing and learning their trade. This was the main step to Simon wanting to establish a process where untried young musicians can play live and start their journey in music.

The more facebook and YouTube grow the harder it is to find what you’re looking for, and people to find you.

It was with this in mind that modern music needed a home to go to and try to establish themselves and get a foothold in the music industry. At the moment there appears to be no home for new modern music to make the journey from the bedrooms of Britain’s young musicians to the stage of a local venue.

When new artists upload their songs and videos to we have dedicated staff that will listen and watch all uploaded material and contact the bands with a quick response.

LoCo are a young fast moving Company in a fast moving environment and are looking to promote Acoustic guitar based music, be it Solo singer song writer, to duo’s and full bands. But and it is a big but, we are looking for a strong acoustic based sound. The bedroom guitar was the weapon of choice for nearly all modern music stars and has proved over the years to be the main stay of song writing.


  • Acoustic guitars
  • Bass guitar / acoustic or electric
  • Drums
  • Electric lead guitar
  • Vocalist and backing vocalists.
  • Original song writing
  • Lyrics with stories
  • Any style
  • Acoustic Based
  • 18+ years old
  • Originality
  • Edgy thinking
  • Effects
  • Innovation
  • Anything and everything new


  • Artists trying to sound like someone else
  • Re hashed American country music
  • Old style folk and British country music

If you're still reading this, at this stage we suggest you stop and send us some stuff.